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  • Solutions for Private-label Production


Private Lables

We offer our clients development and manufacturing of private label products on favorable conditions and at attractive prices in Germany, Austria, Swiss and France, which are always being associated with high quality and enjoying great confidence of the consumers.

This helps our clients to be always one step ahead of their competitors.

We ensure a flexible performance ratio for branded products and convince our clients to present themselves as classical manufacturers, so if the products were produced in their own factory.

And it is possible without the usually associated high fixed costs such as space, labor, machinery and staff costs. Furthermore we offer to our clients an individual product and brand development.

From the product idea to the completely finished product we support you for all steps, including development and selection of packaging and fitting design.

We offer complete standard assortment of cosmetic, health and body care products as well as household and car care products, for being able to perfectly meet the preferred positioning of the clients name or brand.


  • body care
  • hair care
  • facial care
  • bath cosmetics
  • foot care
  • sun screen cosmetics

Professional cosmetic

  • hair care and styling
  • foot care
  • hand care

Household hygiene

  • cleaning and disinfection
  • air freshening and aroma spray

Health care and medicine products

  • skin and mucocutaneous care
  • disinfectants and antibacterial agents
  • nose, throat and mouth hygiene
  • wound and burning care
  • eye hygiene
  • intimate hygiene

Drugs, nutritional supplements and OTC products of varying forms

  • drops, solutions and juices
  • suppositories
  • creams, ointments and gels
  • effervescent tablets and sachet
  • pastilles and caramels (tablets/pills/candies)
  • sprays


  • cosmetic of all kinds
  • medicine products
  • household
  • car care, technics and construction chemistry