About us

Gelingchem organizes projects in the area of contract manufacturing of products for professional brands of customers and retailers from Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries and acts as coordinator for contract manufacturers.

During the relatively short period of company´s existence on the contract manufacturing market we have signed, in close cooperation with our partner contract manufacturers, several contracts and won recognition of big customer companies from Russia and Ukraine.

We are trying to keep always our finger on the pulse of the time and analyzing all important trends and relevant innovations and trying to regularly develop new products for our customers in order to give them the possibility to work with the most demanded products of the mass and professional market.

Gelingchem SPP cooperates with leading marketing companies and renowned marketing specialists on the markets of our clients, cosmetic and pharma market, so that they conduct for Gelingchem monitoring of the market and its participants.

The cooperation with marketing companies and renowned specialists is also being used for:

- influencing existing and potential clients

- acquiring new clients with the help of their authority and reputation

- convincing clients in the profitability of cooperation for manufacturing of their private label products in Europe

- publishing articles about private label manufacturing in professional magazines.

Main activity:

- preparation and carrying out of projects in the area of contract manufacturing of cosmetic and pharma products for private labels

- organizing of the contract manufacturing of aerosols of all kinds

- development of new products: from the product idea to the completely finished sample

- development of packaging During the development and selection of product packaging we support our clients with our highly qualified consulting.

We develop also individual modern models of glass and plastic bottles, closures and aerosol cans and nozzles.

We develop and produce packaging in cooperation with leading professional packaging manufacturers from Europe and Asia.

Due to permanent flow of fresh ideas of our clients and due to our knowledge about the clients´ demands and the demands of their markets we can develop new products according to the clients´ wishes or manufacture products on the basis of basic formulation out of our own or our partners´ portfolio.


We are permanently increasing our customer base with their numerous ideas and working on increasing our partners network, which is consisting out of our partner-contract manufacturers.

We are glad about every proactive and flexible contract manufacturer, who speedily realizes ideas of our clients and can offer their own basic products and formulations for manufacturing private label products for our clients.